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N o r w e g i a n   E y e


I was lucky enough to be raised in a special place with spectacular landscapes and majestic mountains. Montana has everything, the incredible Rocky Mountains, the unrestricted views of the Prairie, National Parks, Wildlife preserves and many Lakes and Ponds.

Combine the landscapes and Big Sky with some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets on the planet and you have a photographer's heaven.

There is beauty even in the harshest of environments and I am constantly amazed at what nature can do. That is why I try to capture the mood and image for others to experience.

I graduated from Flathead County High School in 1965.

In March of 68', I was drafted in the Army and was given my first camera, a used Fujica 35mm Rangefinder to take with me on my tour in the army. After being discharged I started reading everything I could about film, lighting, filters, and composition. I purchased magazines such as Look, Life and Sports Illustrated, news publications, travel magazines, anything with photographs. I studied the publications for the best photographs, trying to understand what made them standout above the others.

While working for the University of Washington Hospital in computer billing, I enrolled at Bellevue Community College in 1973 and began taking photography classes and studying darkroom techniques. I worked for the college newspaper as Sports Editor my 2nd year. During the end of my two years at school, I teamed with a writer friend and did some freelancing for magazines. Our first article was published in 1975, and my first color spread was published in 1976. I worked for the magazine the next few years and produced 3 covers and numerous photo assignments see my Facebook page under albums and publications.

I returned to Montana in the winter of 79’ and my wife (Teresa) and I moved to Polson after being hired by the Polson school district in 99’.  I retired in the summer of 2012 and suddenly had time to practice photography again.  

I am currently an exhibiting member of the Sandpiper Art Gallery in Polson, a member of the Made in Montana Program, I am a Featured Artist at the Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana and have Photographs and Note Cards for sale at the Museum.   I am a Featured Artist at the local Polson Flathead Lake Museum and I am a proud member of the American Legion.

If I have an idol or someone I look up to in photography, it would be Ansel Adams. I still visualize my photographs today using the Zone System as best I can. I know I don't measure up to his eye, but I can keep trying.

I hope you enjoy the mood and feelings my images project as much as I love capturing, composing and framing them.

Thank you,

Larry Kjorvestad “The Norwegian-Eye”